Interview With Foley Russel

Everyone who knows me, is aware of the fact that I have regular conversations with my characters. The conversations are generally quite in depth and usually involve some sort of interview process.  I tell people that this ‘getting to know you’  business, is what makes me such a terribly vague person.  However, I also think that it helps me to produce better characters.  The following excerpt is part of an interview I conducted with Foley, shortly before I started writing his book.

RB:   So Foley, what are you going to do when Lily comes to school?

FR:   <shrugs> Same as I always do, eat her biscuits, push her chair and read her freakin’ book.

RB:  You know what I mean.  What are you going to do about Shay when Lily comes to school.

FR:   Probably nothing unless he upsets her.

RB:   In which case you will…?

FR:   Tell him to rack off, then run like the frightened white toothpick I truly am.

RB:   Speaking of running.  You play football on a team that is mostly Solomon Islanders.

How did that happen?

FR:   <smiles>  If you saw how good they are, you’d want to be on their team too.

<shrugs>  I tried out, they put me on the wing where I can’t get too hurt and we all

lived crappily ever after.

RB:   How hurt is too hurt?

FR:   Being run over by a human fridge is usually pretty hurtful.  I find that running away from the fridge helps a lot.<pushes glasses up nose>

RB:   You call your team mates FOBs.  Doesn’t that endanger your health?

FR:   Nah.  They know it’s affectionate.  Actually we call ‘em FOBs and Soli’s which is

short for Solomon Islander, but means we don’t have to say the whole mouthful.

RB:   So what do you call Lily?

FR:   Ummmm….Lily.

RB:   Duh.  Amongst other things, Shay calls her ‘spaz’.  You don’t join in?  Ever?

FR:   Amongst other things, I call Shay ‘moron’.  It only hurts a little more than being hit with a brick.

RB:   Have you read any more books since finishing Lily’s?

FR:   <leans forward on elbows> What would you say if I’d read Foley Russel?

RB:  I’d say ‘thank you’

FR:  <grins>  You’re welcome.

On that note, I think we’ll leave Foley to street luge, football and wheelchair rocketry.  If you have any questions you’d like to ask, please feel free.

Also, if you’d like the chance to win a signed copy of Foley Russel and That Poor Girl, head on over to my new author page here, and click ‘like’.  A random ‘liker’ will be chosen to win!


~ by bloowillbooks on September 13, 2011.

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