Giveaway for a THOUSAND Tweeps…

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So, I was the person who was never going to Twitter.  I swore on my (still living) mother’s grave, that I would never, EVER Twitter.  People, I argued, should be able to live without advertising their lives. What happened?  Ummm…I read a book explaining that people need to get to know you in order to want to buy your book.  So I began an experiment.  My experiment grew.  I got to know my Tweeps. Their comments and observations made me laugh, think and umm…buy books.

Obviously interacting with my Tweeps has not replaced my face-to-face interactions with people geographically close to me, but it did expand my horizons.

Today, I discovered I have one thousand, that’s right ONE THOUSAND Tweeps.  That’s not a lot, really.  Some people have squillions, but for a girl who was never going to Twitter, and who has been forced by her Tweeps to reconsider several aspects of social media, I think a thousand is quite the milestone.

As such, I’m hosting a giveaway over at Amazon.  Click here  (or on the cover image) to take yourself off and get a free copy of my book.  This offer is for four days only.  There are no strings, no catches and I will not be hassling you with follow-up emails or whatever.  This is me being happy, excited and feeling like I should give my Tweeps a little love!


~ by bloowillbooks on March 12, 2012.

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